Our Lady of the Lake University- RGV Campus

  • Education
505 N. Villarreal
La Feria, Texas 78559
(956) 277-0146
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • About

    Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) offers weekend programs in the Rio Grande Valley at our campus in La Feria. Designed for working adults, OLLU’s weekend programs meet every other weekend to allow for a balance of work, family and school. Most classes meet eight times per term, three terms per year.

    • Bachelor of Applied Studies in Computer Information Systems and Security
    This program is designed for IT professionals who have attended community college and want to complete a bachelor’s degree.

    • Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management or Management
    The MBA program is designed to meet the needs of practicing executives in profit and nonprofit settings. It focuses on sharpening skills in decision-making and problem-solving behavior for professional administrators.

    MBA BOOT CAMP – For students whose undergraduate degree is not in business, the Boot Camp is a one-semester course that includes all prerequisites needed for the MBA program.

    • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
    This interdisciplinary degree combines theory and application in order to graduate “practitioner-scholars” who can provide enlightened leadership.

    • PhD in Leadership Studies
    The PhD in leadership studies is an interdisciplinary program designed for those who have advanced to more complex leadership positions. Emphasizing the study of research methodology, ethics, teamwork, communication and strategy, the program develops student

  • Directions

    Off La Feria Main street take a right onto Fourth Street

    Partner Plus Program


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