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Blue Wave Express Car Wash

Blue Wave Express Car Wash


About Us

Our interest is in helping you to maintain a clean car without the hassle, in a way that works well for your schedule and wallet. We want you to be able to maintain that new car clean feeling because it makes you feel good and it?s good for you! YES! Washing your car is good for you! We love saying that because it is TRUE! Washing your car regularly is good for your car?s finish and will help you draw a higher re-sale value. Your money is precious and we know it. We want to offer our services at such a compelling value that you will easily become one of our long term customers. That is exactly what we had in mind when we designed our 3 WAVES TO SAVE programs. Being a Loyal customer means enjoying Savings & Rewards! It?s simple, the more you visit the more you benefit!
Ask one of our customer care agents how to save!

Unlimited Wash Plans - works just like an EZ tag... automatic entry... unlimited washes... great value!!!

Express Card - the gift that keeps giving... offers a 25% bonus with every reload!!!

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Sign up to earn $6 off your next wash. Sign up online at or download the app on your phone when you search "Thanx" in your app store!
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3 RGV Locations
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