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Titan Fuel

Titan Fuel

Oil & Gas Storage Terminal/Pipeline

About Us

Titan Fuel is an exporter of high quality ultra-low sulfur diesel and gasoline to Mexico. We offer the best logistical access to top quality fuel for permitted Mexican fuel importers and transporters. Titan Fuel enjoys direct refinery access and sourcing relationships procuring fuel inventories accordingly, where maritime logistics between the refinery and Titan Terminals are performed by our proprietary fleet of marine assets. In short, Titan Fuel buys its inventory directly from refinery production, loads the product into its own boat/barge combinations, and delivers the inventory to Titan’s private terminals, where it is efficiently delivered to clientele. Titan Fuel terminals are strategically located on the US/Mexico border in the Port of Harlingen. Our vertical integration with direct refinery access, dedicated maritime fleet, and private fueling terminals allows us to offer the most efficient, reliable, and consistent quality product and service.


  • Quality product and service at competitive pricing
  • Efficiency, consistency, and reliability
  • Strategic location offering best logistical access
  • Vertically integrated for optimal performance
  • Safe, secure, and ethical business practice


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