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Tap Into Digital Innovation to Move Your Harlingen Area Business Forward

If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve, it's important to be open to digital innovation. There's no doubt that the way we do business is changing, and those who embrace new technologies and ideas will be the ones who succeed. By being open to digital innovation, you'll give your business the best chance to adapt and grow.


There are countless benefits to pursuing new technologies, from increased efficiency to better customer engagement. And of course, there's also the potential for significant cost savings. If you're not sure where to start, there are plenty of resources available to help you get up to speed on the latest digital innovations. In the meantime, the Harlingen Area Chamber of Commerce offers a few helpful tips below so you can get started.

Optimize Through Data

One way to use digital innovation to grow your small business is by using data analytics to optimize your processes. Collecting data is easier than ever before, thanks to the widespread use of digital devices and sensors. By analyzing this data, you can identify areas where your processes are inefficient and make changes accordingly. For example, if you notice that a particular process is taking longer than it should, you can use data analytics to find out why and then make changes to speed things up.

You Too Can Have a Mobile App

Another way to use digital innovation to grow your small business is by creating a mobile app. More and more people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet, so it only makes sense to reach out to them where they are. All Business explains that a well-designed mobile app can help you promote your brand and engage with your customers in a whole new way. Plus, with the right platform, it can even help you boost sales by driving traffic to your website or online store.

Adopt Cloud Computing Tech

In addition, you can use digital innovation to improve collaboration within your company by using cloud computing. With cloud-based solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox, it’s easy for employees to share documents and files with each other regardless of location. This can help increase productivity by making it easier for employees to access the information they need when they need it.

Protect Against Cyber Threats

Digital innovations can do a lot to help you streamline and manage your business, but they also leave you open to cyber threats. The best thing you can do is a two-pronged approach. First, hire a cybersecurity team to install firewalls and dual-factor authentication for your primary programs. Second, put some daily security practices into effect at work.


Start by training your employees how to identify fraudulent emails and phishing attempts. Also encourage them to use complex passwords, and ensure that everyone changes their password regularly. Another way you can use passwords is to protect your files and documents. Look for a PDF merger tool that will let you group together related files first. Then, locate Protect within the Tools menu. There, you’ll find Encrypt, and then Encrypt with Password. Now your files have one additional security measure in place.

AI Isn't Out of Reach

Finally, if you really want to get ahead of the competition, Rock Content recommends using AI-powered tools like chatbots and virtual assistants. Chatbots can automate customer service tasks like answering frequently asked questions and handling basic customer inquiries. Virtual assistants can take care of more complex tasks like scheduling appointments and sending reminders. Both chatbots and virtual assistants can free up your time so that you can focus on more important things—like growing your business.

Embrace Innovation Safely

Digital innovation is essential for businesses of all sizes—not just large corporations. You can use data analytics to optimize your processes and use things like mobile apps and cloud computing to improve your internal and external communication practices. But also be sure to use cyber security practices to keep your - and your customer’s - information safe. Training and password protection can go a long way in this process. With these steps, you can join the ranks of those who have used technology to future-proof their businesses and stay ahead of the competition—regardless of size!


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